Lighting and Lamps

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Lighting and lamps

Lighting or illumination is defined as the generation of light by artificial light sources. This artificial light makes people more or less independent of sunlight.
Lighting technology distinguishes between the indoor and outdoor lighting.

The usual industrial interior lighting is a combination of direct and indirect ambient lighting in the workplace. Most of the exterior lighting is part of city infrastructure (sidewalks, roads, railways and waterways) and of places, sites and facilities.

For economic reasons, modern lamps are optimized regarding energy consumption, efficiency and service life. Under these criteria LED lighting became a leading technology. LED lamps replace conventional light bulbs and energy-saving lamps because the benefits of LED lights predominate.

Excerpt of available brands for lighting and lamps (others on request )

  • Emz Hanauer
  • Kingbright
  • Littlefuse
  • Osram Semiconductors
  • Philips