ESG - Sustainability - Energy Efficiency - Environmental Protection

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ESG – Sustainability – Energy Efficiency – Environmental Protection

Environmental Social Governance

ESG Commitment
More than just an obligation.

Over a period of more than 70 years, our company has evolved from humble beginnings as a local intermediary to a global leader in the import and export of electronic products. This development is the result of our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

During this time, both our product portfolio and the demands of our customers have steadily grown and become more complex. To meet these challenges, we continuously strive to optimize both our internal operations and our external processes.

We work hand in hand with our suppliers to ensure that they also meet our high environmental standards.

Environment and Social Responsibility

ESG Framework

In our understanding, the ESG framework goes far beyond a mere obligation. Rather, we see it as a confirmation of our corporate philosophy and our ongoing efforts.

In an increasingly globalized world, the impacts of climate change and other environmental factors are becoming increasingly apparent for every company. We have recognized that long-term business success without appropriate regulations and responsible action regarding environmental, social, and governance issues is ultimately not an option.

By adhering to ESG conventions, we commit not only to fulfilling legal requirements but also to making a positive contribution to the society and environment in which we operate. We see this as part of our responsibility to future generations and as an essential component of our long-term corporate strategy.


We are committed to integrating environmental concerns into all our business activities and promoting eco-friendly practices. To this end, we conduct regular environmental audits and develop comprehensive plans to minimize negative impacts.

Energy Efficiency

At Coba, our focus is on energy efficiency and the promotion of renewable energies. Our priorities include resource-efficient operations and the minimization of emissions and waste.

Environmental Protection & Supply Chain

We work hand in hand with our suppliers to ensure that they also meet our high environmental standards. We value transparency and sustainability throughout the supply chain and are committed to eco-friendly production and transportation methods.

The competence and dedication of our employees form a central pillar at Coba. Every day, they strive to put into practice and uphold the principles and values we represent as a company.

We place the highest importance on complying with all labor laws and regulations in all areas of our activity. We ensure that our employees work in an environment characterized by fairness, equality, and respect. This includes ensuring reasonable working hours, fair remuneration, workplace safety, and equal opportunities for all.

ISO 9001 : 2015

Certified User Quality management system in the global trade of electrical and electronic components under the COBA brand

AEO C Authorized Economic Operator

Customs Simplifications DE AEOC 110335

Authorized Exporter

Simplified Origin Declaration

Authorized Exporter

Simplified Goods Export DE/6150/ZA/0758

What can you expect?


Through our established partnerships, we provide you access to high-quality products. We manage all background processes so you can allocate your resources to your core business.

Quality Controls
We meticulously ensure that the risk of receiving defective or incorrect deliveries is minimized. Our experts monitor the entire process through sampling to uphold high standards.

Customs and Logistics Handling
Our experienced team is well-versed in customs formalities and logistics management, managing bureaucratic processes while adhering to all guidelines.

Strengthening Global Operations

Through our global capacity and commitment to inclusive development policies, we aim not only to achieve economic success but also to drive social and environmental progress. We believe that collaborative efforts and cooperation are key to creating a fairer and more sustainable world.

ISO 9001 Certification

Since 2013, Coba has implemented and applied a quality management system.

Scope: Global trade of chemical products under the Otto Dille brand, global import and export of electronics and electrical engineering under the Coba brand, and import of water filter technology under the Tyent brand.

AEO Certificate

Since 2011, Authorized Economic Operator in the area of customs simplifications.