Plastic and aluminum housings for electronics and appliances

Every electronic device or part of a system requires a box or casing. They are usually made of plastic, aluminum and other materials. A shell with appropriate dimensions and characteristics to protect its content or against its content.

A proper housing may have to fulfill many requirements, such as: protection against accidental contact, air permeability, 

stability, weight, magnetic property, temperature resistance, consisting of a minimum of parts and much more.

This naturally leads to a whole range of housing products and production processes, customized or standard, depending on what makes sense for the project in economic terms.

aluminum housings

Aluminum and plastic housing – Excerpt of available brands (others on request )

  •  Bopla
  •  Erni
  •  ETA
  •  FCT
  •  HDD Technologies
  •  Intermas-Elcom
  •  OKW
  •  Phoenix Contact