LED lighting technology for industrial lighting and more


LIFELITE is the right place if you want to move to innovative and energy-efficient lighting. The company produces LED lamps for office and industrial lighting and much more. As a customer you get professional solutions to replace conventional light bulbs with modern LED lighting technology.

LIFELITE not only produces standard versions but also offersdevelopment and production of LED lighting technology according to customer specifications.  Discuss with us your requirements in industrial lighting and other applications. The manufacturer not only provides the lamps, but also the necessary electrical ballasts and power supplies.

Low maintenance and low energy consumption

The LED lighting technology convinces by its low energy consumption and low maintenance costs in daily operation. Take advantage of the benefits for industry lighting and other applications!

We offer you a wide range of products:

  •      Electrical ballasts
  •      Flashlights
  •      Industrial lighting
  •      Lanterns
  •      LED tubes
  •      Light strips
  •      Office lights
  •      Pendant luminaires
  •      Portable lights
  •      Power supplies
  •      Under-cabinet lighting
  •      Work lights

For further information, please contact the Baeck GmbH & Co. KG.

Import to Germany - coordinating transport and customs

If you want to get the required light technology delivered to Germany, you can rely on our professional service. We take care of the whole importing process incl. shipping, customs and more. Our experience and careful planning lets you, our customer, benefit from lower costs.