Primary batteries from LIFECELL – alkali-manganese (Alkaline) and zinc carbon


You are looking for durable, reliable and leak-proof batteries for the mobile power? LIFECELL provides quality primary batteries with a long service life for various purposes. The products are of the types alkaline and zinc carbon (super heavy duty) and come as AAA, AA, C, D, 9V block, 6 V and 12 V.

The alkaline and zinc-carbon technology were each developed for different applications. Select the appropriate primary battery according to your individual needs:

  •  Alkaline for extreme durability or appliances with high power consumption
  •  Zinc carbon (super heavy duty) with acceptable product life for devices with moderate power consumption

Reliable import of the required primary batteries

We import the desired product types at an affordable price in the quantity you need. Here is an overview of the available types:

1,5 V:
AAA, LR3, R3, AA, LR6, R6, C, LR14, R14, D, LR20, R20, Alkaline button cells LR44 and other sizes

6 V:
11A, A11, L1016

9 V block:
6LR61, 6F22

12 V:
A23, 23A, L1028

Let us know your primary battery specifications. As an experienced and reliable partner we will assist you and take care of the entire import. We coordinate the entire logistics incl. customs, shipping and more. Efficient warehousing enables us to reduce costs and keep delivery times short.

By the way: We also supply NiMH and lead acid batteries from the manufacturer MARWO Battery Works.